Meet Martha Fierro

Mexican born, Texas raised, American Proud 

Republican Candidate running for

Texas Senate District 6.

Martha Elena Fierro is a Mexican born Immigrant, Texas raised and American proud Latina. She is running for Texas Senate District 6 seat in the November 2020 election. She is the Houston Director for Hispanic Action Network, HAN, she works across all of Houston & surrounding areas equipping Pastors & Ministries to be civically engaged in their government. 

Martha Elena Fierro has been married to her beloved husband, Francisco Fierro, for over 26 years. She is the mother of 4 conservative & bold children. She has raised her children to respect, love & honor their country and her leadership.  She has raised her children to believe in the American Dream. Through hard work & grit, anything is possible!

Martha is a minister who works actively in the community through different organizations. She currently leads over 200 ministry groups & churches as the HAN Houston Director. She encourages her community members to not stand in the sidelines but to stand & fight for their Texan & American Values. 

Martha is a First Generation High School graduate among her 5 siblings & became her family's First Generation College graduate with 2 Bachelor degrees from the University of Houston. Since she was 19 years old, Martha has been involved in the Healthcare field.  She was previously a nurse in the Texas Medical Center & has a vast experience with infectious diseases, OB/GYN- Triage, shock/trauma,& other specialties as a Nurse.


She is the Founder of 'SheSpoke' mentoring program, she empowers students across Houston in middle & high school levels by showing the truth of our country's foundation & encouraging students to advocate for the values that was set. Martha raises awareness on disabilities in her community such as Autism & Vitiligo. As a Minority Immigrant Woman with Vitiligo, she encourages boys & girls to achieve the American Dream through sharing her life story. 

Martha Elena Fierro is a God Fearing woman who is not afraid to share her life story & values in English & Spanish. She is the only candidate in the race for Texas Senate District 6 that actively supports the Pro-Life Movement, the Fight against Human Trafficking, Raising Awareness on Disabilities, Fighting for the Rights of Veterans, Fighting for rights of Youth & All Families in the community, and she Defends the First Amendment. 

The American Dream never died. We are evidence it thrives in our Community, State and Country.

Martha Fierro